LDM Engineering

United Airlines SFO
integration of a digital video system to support remote viewing of airport push back cameras. Allows UAL operations staff to verify the status of aircraft loading and preparation as well as determine if an aircraft has departed from a specific gate.

integration of a fuel pump card reader system integrated with existing MDI access control system. Card readers used Ethernet reader extenders to ride over wireless network.

integration of wireless card readers at the Maintenance Operations Center, controlling access from the MOC to the airport's secure area.

Pacific Star Communications
Designed and integrateed multi-screen AV command system with touchscreen controller for Yakota AFB, located in Tokyo, Japan.

Provided design and integration support of an IP video system to Navy Test program located at China Lake Naval weapons station.

Honda of North America - Research and Development
Access control system upgrade, integration of vehicle control system, communications upgrades including fiber backbone.

Northrup Grumman Woodland Hills
Security enhancements such as new cameras, access control system additions.

Lockheed Martin El Segundo
integration of a conference room audio system, now being upgraded to an AV system with multiple inputs and outputs.

Provider of communications services plus on site networking for Microsoft consumer events including Xbox 360 launch, Halo 3 beta events in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Support for E3 events as well.

San Francisco International Airport
500 door Access control system Upgrade and Integration, including custom development of integration interfaces for multiple sub-systems including CCTV alarm call up and computer aided dispatch alarm integration.

Digital video integration of Pelco Endura system for ~1500 cameras, including network design and configuration, system design and configuration, system integration and room build outs.

Design and integration of the Airport's Security Operations Center presenting data from the Airport's many security related systems including access control, CCTV, digital video, Computer Aided Dispatch and analytics. integration of the system included the integration of 14 40" video monitors with switched inputs from various video sources controlled by touchscreens located in the SOC and dispatch centers.

Design and integration of the EDS baggage detection network backbone supporting multiple systems including the HMI interface for the system, baggage controllers and data acquisition equipment and digital video monitoring equipment.

Design and integration of the NICE digital video system supporting the EDS baggage system, including custom integration of video pop up windows for troubleshooting. This system has mitigated claims arising from TSA inspected baggage and achieved payback from potential losses in under 3 months.

integration of FAST digital video system to support the 100% EDS cargo screening pilot project. Integration of the digital video from this system to support the EDS screening and packaging for claims mitigation.

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